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Ski Tech Notes

The buzz in ski and snowboard technology continues to be ROCKER and weight.  ROCKER added to shaped ski, fat ski and snowboard technology makes today’s skis and snowboards help every rider perform better.  Current ROCKER technology skis and snowboards are simply easier to ski and ride, especially, in mixed and variable snow conditions.  Doing a survey of all major and indie ski brands reveals that over 90% of all skis offered have some form of ROCKER!  Come in and try a pair out for yourself today.



What’s new in ski equipment for the 2017-2018 season? Continued evolution of ROCKER along with an emphasis on lighter weight. ROCKER (also referred to as early rise and reverse or negative camber) continues to be refined with many different types of technology.  Lighter and stronger materials are being used along with tapering or narrowing of tips (and tails on twin tips) to remove weight at the extremities of skis and reduce “swing weight”. All of this current technology is aimed at making skiing easier and is as big of a change as the first shaped ski technology was over 20 years ago.

What is ROCKER?

It's simple, think of ROCKER as if the tip (and on some ski models and snowboards, the tail) was bent up or started to rise up much closer to your boot than on a non-rocker ski or snowboard.

ski rocker and camber

What does ROCKER do?

Once again, the answer is simple. It makes skiing or riding EASIER. The ski or snowboard is easier to maneuver at any speed on the groomed and is much easier to control in crud and powder because the tip floats. Edge hold remains equal to a non-rocker ski or snowboard.

ski rocker

Try ROCKER out!

Most "all mountain" skis have a small to moderate amount of ROCKER in the tip with conventional camber throughout the length of the ski. As skis get wider and more soft snow oriented, the ROCKER becomes much more pronounced and camber becomes less or even non-existent. Most twin tip designs ROCKER the tip and tail making for a very easy ski to maneuver in any conditions. Mt. Shavano has skis of all categories available to try.

The lines between categories of skis have blurred greatly... what was considered a powder ski a few years ago now works great on groomed snow. We offer skis in All Mountain, great for conditions from groomed to powder, All Mountain-Wide, good for groomed and very good in powder, and Powder-Extra Wide, great in crud and amazing in powder.

All of our front line rental skis packages: Regular, Deluxe, High Performance, Twin Tip, Demo, Powder, Telemark, and X-Country and our snowboard Regular and Deluxe packages have ROCKER technology.  Whatever your ability, ROCKER technology will give you more confidence, making it easier to ski or ride.

Ski rocker




At Mt. Shavano Ski & Snowboard Shop we take great pride in our staff's avid participation in skiing and riding. Every member of our staff is a snow sports enthusiast! We try out all of the new equipment and understand current technological advancements.

Mt Shavano Ski Shop certifications


All staff members that mount and adjust ski bindings are certified by the equipment manufacturers and have many years of training and experience in adjusting, mounting and troubleshooting ski bindings. Ski binding certification ensures that proper industry standards and procedures are followed by the technician for safely mounting and adjusting ski bindings. We are up to date on currently indemnified bindings and are aware of any industry recalls or technical updates with existing bindings.

Mt Shavano Ski Shop certifications

Our staff is certified by the following manufacturers: Marker, Tyrolia/Head, Elan, Dynastar, Look, Rossignol, Fischer, Knee, Nordica, Atomic, and Salomon. Bring your equipment to us for EXPERT, PROFESSIONAL service work you know you can TRUST. We take great pride in our work and will treat your equipment as if it were our own.

Mt Shavano Ski Shop certifications

Master Bootfitter and Ski Tuner, Scott Fisher has been a ski enthusiast for over 50 years and an avid telemark skier for over 25 years. He is a Masterfit certified bootfitter with over 20 years experience. Let him custom fit a pair of boots for you.

Owner/Manager Tracy Smith has a ski racing and tuning background, and has skied for over 50 years. He has placed in the top 3 in the Monarch Town Challenge Alpine A League, Alpine Masters League and the Telemark League. During the ski off-season he works as a crew chief for an IMSA Prototype Lites race car team. With his mechanical expertise, he is able to troubleshoot and repair most any ski or snowboard problem. He is also a Master Bootfitter with over 20 years experience.


Through industry clinics, and in-store training our staff is updated in the latest snow sports advances including ski, snowboard and binding technologies, tuning and waxing techniques, and boot and bootfitting developments.


We test the bindings on our rental ski equipment every year as per the manufacturer recommendations. While this takes countless hours to perform, we feel it is very important to ensure our customers safety.